Embocraft’s sewing courses have proven to be very valuable to the communities. Not only are trainees provided with an opportunity for income generation, they learn a skill that is very practical and useful in their everyday lives. The sewing courses are product based and are taught using either hand machines or electric domestic machines. Trainees learn the basic principles of sewing through hands on experience and production of a variety of items. On completion of each course, participants receive a tool kit and portfolio, including: patterns, reference material and products made.

15-day Basic Sewing Course

The 15-day Basic Sewing course is one of our most popular courses, trainees learn basic sewing skills through the production of home and kitchen accessories, bags and children’s’ clothes. To encourage participants to reuse wastage a patchwork technique is also taught through the production of a waistcoat. Basic machine maintenance, measuring and cutting from provided patterns is also introduced.

Advanced Sewing Course

In this course,past trainees are instructed on electric sewing machines advancing to Industrial Flat Bed and Overlocking machines.

Train-the-Trainer Basic Sewing Course

The Train-the-Trainer programme follows the same structure as the Basic course but also incorporates the teaching of others. Basic hand sewing machines and accessories are given to each trainee who in turn has to teach 2 members of their community each week, thus creating a multiplying effect. This program not only teaches basic sewing training but also allows participants to gain experience in: practical training, implementation of lesson plans, structuring a teaching program and the evaluation of others work.

Products such as baby carriers, running shorts, girl’s dresses, cushion covers, aprons, hats and waistcoats are all examples of what the trainees are taught to make.