Business Skills Training has been implemented with our groups as part of our Mentorship programme. Embocraft identified the need to not just create skilled crafts people but entrepreneurs. Without the knowledge and skills required to sell their work, a learned craft skill may not result in income generation.

The main focus of the Business Skills Training is costing and pricing. Accurate costing of products is essential for the entrepreneur to make a profit and become sustainable. In this section of the training, topics such as labour cost, material costs, overhead costs and profit are covered.

The secondary focus of the training is organization and time management. These are not only essential skills for business but important life skills. In this section of the training, topics such as record keeping, prioritising, and maximising production time are covered.

Most recently, Embocraft has had the opportunity to expand their Business Skills Training to incorporate basic computer skills. In September 2008, Embocraft opened a business resource centre to facilitate this training. We are currently, offering a 3-day Basic Computer Skills course in which participants learn: using the mouse, the components of Windows, working with folders, typing and Microsoft Word.