Today Ncamile Meyiwa from  Inchanga which is on the 1000 Hills Tourism route paid us a visit.

The Graduation


click on the above link to see a copy of her certificate

She was delighted when she  graduated from our ETHEKWENI GRANT IN AID  sewing group on 7th May 2015. Ethekweni grad sewing 048Ncamile receiving her certificate from Carolyn Webster with Thandi Mtheku of Embocraft Training Centre Trust



Ethekweni grad sewing 058The graduated group with Thandi Mtheku the trainer and Carolyn Webster fundraiser for Embocraft Training Centre Trust.


Ethekweni grad sewing 076Ncamile on her way home with her sewing machine awarded to her on graduating the sewing course.

By donating these machines the student graduates are able to continue with their new skill at home and suppliment their household income by sewing for the community or markets.

When students return to us

We were delighted to see her back with us and are always pleased to have our past students return with their success stories.

Since then she has been producing curtains, dresses and skirts for her local community and has been able to make in the region of R500 extra from sewing per month.Today she visited us for assistance from Thandi Mtheku the sewing trainer with cutting out a dress pattern for one of her customers.IMG_4176IMG_4177
She was given recycled fabrics and cottons donation to take home and use in her sewing income generation project.IMG_4119
She is very grateful for her new skill and the fact that she is earning money . she feels she is now ready for advanced sewing and would like to join us in the future when we have a course available.
She also does beading and homecare.
She says if she concentrated on sewing alone this figure would be much more.
She is building up a client base and hopes that in the future she can generate more income from her sewing. She has a child that she is supporting on her own


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Author: Linda Venton