Monday morning mixed bag of Blogs


Here we are in the third week of February 2016 and it feels like its all been go go go since our December break.

Embocraft Training Centre Trust

is really going places and we are so happy to share some of our 2016 stories with you in no particular order as they say.

Donations of fabric have been rolling in and our staff and Friday voluteer Doro Litner have been busy at every opportunity sorting and packing ready for use.IMG_4225 IMG_4226 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 Production for our little Woza Moya Embocraft shop has begun using this fabric – we have some amazing EmboAfro mens shirts in stock… come see for yourself.

We intend making up packs of the fabric and distributing it to the sewing ladies for their production as well.

Friday was graduation day for our welding students

Once again the welding students were amazing and so keen to learn and on Friday we handed over 6 graduation certificates to them – much to their delight – Just so you know 1 lady was amongst these graduates.

They are now able to go into the workplace to seek work knowing the skill of Arc welding and we wish them all the best for their futures.IMG_4202 IMG_4239















and then there’s more





Monday Sewing group

It all about practice.. here our student is practicing straight sewing with the hand machine onto printed paper patterns… this enables the students to get the feel of the machine and keep  straight line stitching.


Helping hands




IMG_4159 - Copy


At Embocraft Training Centre its all about helping hands.. here our gardner Alex is assisting Thandi Mtheky the sewing trainer with a stubborn screw on one of the sewing machines.

And today we are having our alarm system upgraded at last.  This system has been playing up for so long now and we needed the security for our equipment and machinery. Thank you to our funders for allowing us to undertake this upgrade.

Plant sales…. at Woza Moya Embocraft





Last but not least today a beautiful picture of our Ikhiwane lady Pam Madide to brighten our day.  Thank you Pam and Lungi for your support always. Ikhiwane clothing can be seen on their facebook page or in our Woza Moya Embocraft shop on our premises.IMG_4249


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Author: Linda Venton