8th March 2016 – a day to remember… BUSY BUSY DAY

Embocraft Training Centre days just get better and better and happy times abound.

As the BIG BIG DESIGNER sale wound down today and the last of the designer clothing was collected from our conference room until our next one to be announced in June/July 2016 we wish to thank all the supporters of this amazing event.  Its because of your support we will be able to repeat this event.  Funding towards Woza Moya and friends and Embocraft being boosted whilst you enjoy your discounted designer shopping.  Thank you to the designers for their participation.  We look forward to a bigger and better Designer sale in the near future.

Trip to Phakama sewing group at Kwangolosi

Our early morning trip to the Inanda Valley and Kwangcolosi area was the start of this busy day.

We are greeted with happy little faces as we arrive with the greeting “hello Mhlungu” these precious little people all too happy to have us pop in and see them at play whilst learning – Volunteer minders keeping them safe and sound whilst parents and guardians are out at work and possibly school.
These children come from the poorest of the poor community members and there are no funds to pay a stipend to the willing minders who offer up their time free of charge. My wish is that funds could be raised to reward these ladies one day.


wool 1576



Our visit to Phakama was to deliver Thandi our trainer to the advanced sewing group sponsored by Hillcrest Rotary CLub. The students all having been past pupils in the basic sewing course and have now advanced onto electric sewing machines and more complicated articles such a school shirts and skirts that they will be able to sew for the local school children in the future.


2016-02-22 09.25.45

Training going on at the centre

Mpilo has a group of 7 students all into their 2nd day of basic computer skills training and on Friday they will graduate with basic computer skills and hopefully be able to go out into the work place and seek work.

Talent Nxele is into week 3 of the 4 week arc welding training and this group is made up of young men all wanting to gain a skill that will enable them to seek work in the welding profession.

Goodness Nzama our second sewing trainer and production assistant is busy with her sewing training for Lotto 4 group of 10 ladies all who are having a great time in the sewing training room on our premises at Bothas Hill

wool 1599

Visitors to our centre.

The Woza Moya beaders visited Embocraft Training Centre to show us how they make the neck pieces for the Ikhiwane range of fabric and beaded neckpieces.

wool 1606wool 1586




Today was an exceptionally exciting day with visitors from Ethekweni Municipality Toursim sector and Durban Tourism with members from 1000 Hills Tourism – their visit was to focus on our centres Arts and Crafts training and the Woza Moya Embocraft craft shop tour that we can offer to tourists to our area.



wool 1613









Paula Thompson of Woza Moya EMbocraft models the Ikhiwane clothing and Woza Moya beadwork,wool 1607

We were also happy to have journalist and photographer from the ….. Newspaper, who were at our centre to do photo shoot on our activities and Ikhiwane clothing article to be featured in their newspaper soon.wool 1602

Ikhiwane and Woza Moya ladies all modelling dresses and neckpieces that were on show today.

Pamela of Ikhiwane, Thandi and Tete of Woza Moya, Lungi of Ikhiwane

wool 1612Embocraft Training Centre Trust and Woza Moya and Friends are proud to be associated with these talented ladies – long may our association last.



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Author: Linda Venton